Great Bay Volleyball is a Junior Olympic Volleyball Club for players 8 - 18 years old. We are located in the Dover - Hampton - Portsmouth - Rochester area of New Hampshire. We are a registered New England Region Volleyball Association (NERVA) club under

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Hello Great Bay Nation!

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Coach Mike

Hello Great Bay!

Posted below are the sites and enter times for NERVA II:

*please note there has been a location change for the 15 Storm


Site: PSU Fieldhouse
  Fieldhouse Rd Plymouth NH
  Enter Time: 8:30am 
Host Club:  Lakes Region 
  Seacoast 12 National
  Cavaliers 14
  Great Bay 14 Hammer Heads
  Lakes Region 14 Gold
  Great Bay 14 Orcas
  Maine 14 Bronze 
  Maine 14 Silver
  Killian Mountaineers 14



Site: Umass Boston
  100 Morrissey Blvd. Boston MA
  Enter Time: 8:30am 
Host Club:  Smash   
  16 Gold
  Smash 16  Kai
  HardRock 16 Black
  Capital Region 16 Hawks
  Husky 16 National
  Smash 15
  Smash 16 Sparks
  Great Bay 16 Typhoons
  Southern Alliance 16   



Site: Lawrence Boys and Girls Club
  136 Water St Lawrence MA
  Enter Time: 8:00am 
Host Club:  Bamboo
  Maine 16 Gold
  Pumas 16 Obsidian
  Great Bay 16 Tiger Sharks
  Bamboo 16 Courtney Thompson
  Boom 16-1
  HardRock 16 Purple
  North Shore 16 Titans
  Dig Deep 16 Sapphire



Site: Dover Middle School
  15 Daley Dr. Dover NH
  Enter Time: 8:30am 
Host Club:  Seacoast
  Great Bay 15 Storm
  Capital Region 16 Black Hawks
  Pumas 16 Midnight
  Pumas 15 Ebony
  Maine 15 National
  Seacoast 14 Open
  Dig Deep 16 Fusion
  Central Mass 16 Infinity



Site: The Rim 
  311 Winnacunnet Rd Hampton NH
  Enter Time: 8:30am 
Host Club:  Great Bay
  Dig Deep 16 Tempest
  Gators 16 Green
  Great Bay 14 Stingrays
  Dig Deep 16 Gladiators
  Great Bay 16 Pirates
  Avidity 16 Force
  Capital Region 16 Red Hawks
  Great Bay 16 Cyclones
  Latitude 42 16-White
  Mass Mayhem 16 Syncro
  North Shore 16 Crossfire 
  Pumas 16 Fire Opal



Site: Wheaton College Clark Center
  College green Norton MA
  Enter Time: 8:00am 
Host Club:  Mass Premier
  18 Iron 
1 Metrowest 18 Gold
2 Southern Alliance 17 Turbo
3 Great Bay 18 Barracudas
4 Mass Patriots 18 Blue
5 Western Mass 18 Black
6 Mass Premier 17 Black 
7 Pumas 18 Viridian
8 Northwest 18 Black Out



Site: The Rim 
  311 Winnacunnet Rd Hampton NH
  Enter Time: 8:30am 
Host Club:  Great Bay 
1 Maine 18 Gold
2 Lakes Region 18 Gold
3 Maine 17 National
4 Great Bay 18 Rip Tide
5 Husky 17 New England Red
6 Central Mass 17 Collide
7 Unlimited 18-1
8 Mass Mayhem 18 Chaos



Good luck to all teams this weekend!!  Have fun and play hard!!

by posted 03/21/2017
Sunday Practices

Hello Gang,

Just a reminder to all that there are no practices today; Sunday March 19, 2017.  Please be sure to check your team schedule on the website for any changes in schedule (Search Teams >> Your Team >> Schedule).

Also, Here are the tentative locations for Next Sunday.

  • Coach George - 18 Barracudas – Wheaton College
  • Coach Mike - 18 Riptide – The Rim
  • Coach Sean - 16 Typhoons – UMass Boston
  • Coach Jenn - 16 Tiger Sharks – Lawrence Boys & Girls Club
  • Coach Megan T. - 16 Pirates – The Rim
  • Coach Lorie - 16 Cyclones  – The Rim
  • Coach Kristie - 15 Storm - Lawrence Boys & Girls Club
  • Coach Dan - 14 Stingrays – The Rim
  • Coach Kate - 14 Hammer Heads – Plymouth State University
  • Coach Megan G - 14 Orcas –  Plymouth State University

Have a great Sunday!

Coach Mike

by posted 03/19/2017

Hello Great Bay Nation,


Here are the results of NERVA I: 







18 Barracudas (Pendleton, McEntire &Thomas)

18 Iron

Tied for 3rd place

Great job to our Barracudas!  

18 Riptide (McDonnell & Allen)

18 AAA

Tied for 3rd place

Showed up to play! Worked hard and overcame some obstacles to make it to semis.  Great job Riptide!

16 Typhoons (Stewart & Lund)

16 Silver

First Overall!  Gold Medalists!!

Undefeated on the day and will be moving up to 16 Gold! Amazing job Typhoons!

16 Tigersharks (Doig, Doig & Tomaszewski)

16 AAA

Second Place!  Silver Medalists!!

Great day for the Tiger Sharks.  Flew through semis into a tough battle with Seacoast 16 National team.  Good work Tiger Sharks!

16 Pirates (Turner, Cyr & Strausser)

16 B

Second Place!  Silver Medalists!!

Awesome job Pirates!!  Keep up the good work!

16 Cyclones (Garand & Paradis)

16 B

Tied for 3rd place

Very excited about their outcome!  Congrats Cyclones!  

15 Storm (Holtz & Begley)

16 AAA

Tied for 5th place

Working hard to move up for the next tournament

14 Stingrays (Brodeur, Gorman & Sweatt)

16 A

8th place

Played up in a 16's bracket. Looking forward to working hard for  NERVA II

14 Hammerheads (Simmons & Hayward)

14 A

Tied for 7th place

Played with a lot of nerves, but had fun and learned a ton!  Ready to work hard in preparation for NERVA II

14 Orcas (Gobeille & Tanner)

14 B

Tied for 3rd place

After a long day of play the Orcas lost in a very tough semi match.  They played enthusiastically all day and worked super hard. Great job Orcas!

by posted 03/15/2017
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