Great Bay Volleyball is a Junior Olympic Volleyball Club for players 8 - 18 years old. We are located in the Dover - Hampton - Portsmouth - Rochester area of New Hampshire. We are a registered New England Region Volleyball Association (NERVA) club under
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Hello Great Bay Nation!

Here, you'll be able to get news, information, schedules, rosters, game results, directions and much much more. Check back frequently for the latest information about our club.  Thanks for Visiting

Coach Mike
Daylight Savings & Promises!

Hello Nation,

IMPORTANT:  Sunday is Daylight Savings time so remember to turn your clocks ahead 1 hour on Saturday night before you go to bed.!!


As we approach our first regular season event I wanted to remind everyone that Great Bay prides itself on sportsmanship and effort.  We are proud of the fact that our coaches and players join together to work an extra match or stay late to clean up no matter whose gym we are in.  Parents, we are proud of you too!!!  We thank you for encouraging your daughters to support this effort.  

As we have written in our Policies and Procedures hand book, we believe Great Bay is a cooperative effort of Players, Coaches, Parents and Administrators (Collectively - Great Bay Nation).  For your review please take a few seconds of your time and read our "Parent's Promise" document located in the Files & Documents Section of our website.  You will also find the Policies and Procedures manual there for complete information about our club.

Good luck to all our teams as the enter the first regular NERVA event!


Go Great Bay!

Coach Mike

by posted 03/05/2015
NERVA I Assignments

Hello All,

Here are the assignments for NERVA I.  Please take note of the Enter times for each tournament.

Also, please be reminded of the shift in practice times coming in the middle of March.  Please check your team's schedule for details.


Coach Mike


NERVA I Sunday - March 8, 2015

Winnisquam High School
435 West Main St.
Tilton NH
Host Club: Lakes Region
Enter Time: 8:30am
Capital Region 14 Condors
Dig Deep 14 Storm
Great Bay 14 Hammerheads (Simmons)
HardRock 13 Purple
Maine 14 Silver
Seacoast 12 National
Seacoast 13 National
Lakes Region 14 Black
Biddeford Middle School
25 Tiger Way
Biddeford ME
Host Club: Maine Jrs.
Enter Time: 8:30am
Maine 14 Bronze Amy
Great Bay 14 Sea Dragons (Garand)
Maine 14 Bronze Emily
Pumas 14  Cerulean
Seacoast 14 National
Seacoast 14 USA
Team Evolution 14
Maine 14 Northeast-5
Forekicks II (2)
219 Forest St.
Marlborough MA
Host Club: CMASS
Enter Time: 8:30am
CMASS 15 Revolt
CMASS 15 Turmoil
Lat 42 - 15 Neon
Great Bay 15 Great Whites (Veno)
Husky 15 Alchemy's 1st Law
Husky 15 Hit List
Team Evolution 15 Grey
Team Evolution 15 N
The Rim
311 Winnacunnet Rd.
Hampton NH
Host Club: Great Bay
Enter Time: 8:30am
Pumas 16 Ruby
Chelsea Piers 16 Black
Husky 16 National
Great Bay 16 Typhoons (Stewart)
Southern Alliance 16 Mizuno Elite
Pumas 16 Pearl
Blast 16 Tigers
Emmanual College
400 Fenway
Boston MA
Host Club: SMASH
Enter Time: 8:30am
Capital Region 16 Hawks
CMASS 16 Chaos
CT Velocity 16 Open Gold
Husky 16 Inferno
North Shore 16 Natural Disaster
Husky  16 Avalanche
Great Bay 16 Sharks (McDonnell)
Windham High School
64 London Bridge Rd.
Wnidham NH
Host Club: Pumas
Enter Time: 8:30am
Maine 16 Silver
Lat 42 - 16 Neon
Great Bay 15 Barracudas (Pendleton)
Maine 16 Bronze Chuck
Maine 16 Bronze Holly
Southern Alliance 16 Mizuno
Pumas 16 Carnelian
Southern Alliance 16 Lightning
Rundlett Middle School
144 South St.
Concord NH
Host Club: Capital Region
Enter Time: 8:30am
Avidity 16 Phoenix
Capital Region 16 Black Hawks
Great Bay 14 Stingrays (Brodeur)
Great Bay 16 Pirates (Turner)
Mass Patriots 16 Royal
Pumas 16 Mica
Seacoast 15 National
Dig Deep 16 Tanzanite
Marblehead High School
2 Humphrey St.
Marblhead MA
Host Club: Avidity
Enter Time: 8:00am
Avidity 16 Storm
Cobras 16 White
HardRock 16 Blue
HardRock 16 Gold
Maine 16 Northeast-5
Dig Deep 16 Aces
Great Bay 16 Land Sharks (Mitchell)
Bamboo 16 Courtney Thompson
2 A St.
Derry NH
Host Club: Lat 42
Enter Time: 8:30am
Beantown 17 Elite
Capital Region 17 Falcons
CT Velocity 17 Open Gold
Gators 17 Black
Lakes Region 17 Gold
Southern Alliance 17 Tsunami
Great Bay 17 Pink Dolphins (Doig)
Lat 42 - 17  Neon
The Rim
311 Winnacunnet Rd.
Hampton NH
Host Club: Great Bay
Enter Time: 8:30am
Southern Alliance 18 Mizuno Elite
Great Bay 18 Riptide (Maltagliati)
SMASH 17 Black Ice
HardRock 17 Black
Husky 18 Elite
Pioneer Valley 18 Sting
Maine 18 Gold
Dover Middle School
16 Daley Dr.
Dover NH
Host Club: Seacoast
Enter Time: 8:30am
Boom 18-1
Capital Region 18 Eagles
Great Bay 17 Barracuda Storm (Kuehl)
Dig Deep 18 Ginger
Dig Deep 18 Sapphire
Seacoast 17 Open
Maine 18 Silver

by posted 03/02/2015
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